Humes inducted into Hall of Fame

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Harry “Eggy” Humes is a 1951 graduate of Milford High School. Starring on both sides of the line for the Buccaneers. On offense he played center earning his varsity letter two times, in the Buccaneers single wing offense, while playing full time on defense as well. Upon learning of being named to the Hall of Fame, Humes was both surprised, proud and humble. “This is certainly something I wasn’t expecting. I don’t know who remembered, or did the research, but I am very proud to be recognized in this way,” Humes said.

Humes’ biggest contribution came on the offensive line. While snapping the football might look like a simple task, in the single wing, it was extremely nuanced. “I had to be able to put the ball in precise spots. It wasn’t a situation where you could be close, every snap had to be on the money or else the play would be in jeopardy,” said Humes.

Besides football, Humes also played baseball, ran track and basketball. Just to round things out, Humes was even the lead in the Milford school play one year.

One person Humes is eternally grateful to is Barney Briggs. “He was a leader in every sense of the word. He turned boys into men, men who would go on to be tremendous members of society.”

Following his graduation, Humes joined the Navy, serving on the USS Macon, a heavy cruiser. While on the Macon, Humes had one more moment in the football spotlight as his ship won their divisional crown.

Later on, Humes would attend Westminster College, before landing a job at Dupont, where his passion bloomed into fast pitch softball. Playing on the squad from 1962-1967. Humes then went on to play in Milford from 1968-1971.

Humes’ is retired from Masten Home Center and has lived in Millsboro for 26 years. He has a wife Carolyn and four children – Thomas, Alan, David and Linda

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