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A Call for Kindness

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Naomi wraps up in a DBCC blanket after treatment (Photo credited to Luciana Solorio)

By the end of 2021, 990 Delawareans will receive a diagnosis of breast cancer, a diagnosis that will forever change their lives. Sadly, another 160 will die of the disease.

“In our small and familiar state, these are likely people you and I know,” Francesca Vogel, Executive Director of Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition (DBCC), said. “Neighbors, friends, wives, sisters, mothers and even husbands, sons and brothers.”

Breast cancer diagnoses and deaths are on the rise in Delaware, for the first-time surpassing lung cancer as the most diagnosed cancer worldwide. Unfortunately, this means many families are preparing to spend the holidays without loved ones, whether due to treatment, surgery, recovery or the loss of a loved one to breast cancer. For this reason, DBCC is issuing a “Call for Kindness,” asking that Delawareans share a donation or gift in the name of someone they have lost or someone who is battling breast cancer currently.

“Breast cancer patients have, perhaps, experienced more than their fair share of burdens,” Vogel said. “With the global pandemic, many have nearly reached a breaking point with the added concerns of their diagnosis and treatment. DBCC has soldiered on to help individuals and their families who have been impacted by this devastating illness.”

For over 30 years, DBCC has offered public health services, hope and support to thousands, empowering them to fight breast cancer. For many, DBCC’s programs are seen as a place of refuge where they can discuss worries, openly share and discuss issues with others who have been in their situation, allowing them to shield their family and loved ones from the very real impacts of breast cancer.

“Some come to us to seek energy, excitement and healthy habits our social and outdoor programs inspire,” Vogel said. “Others seek friendships with those who have walked that very personal journey themselves. Many of them form lifelong bonds that can help fight depression, loneliness and isolation.”

Since 1991, DBCC has offered statewide support, screening, education and financial assistance programs, providing breast cancer patients and survivors with hope and healing. It has also become the state’s most trusted source on breast cancer.

“Our volunteers graciously create and donate pillows, which we pair with a soft DBCC-branded blanket and a DBCC Pink folder filled with resources for those who have been newly diagnosed,” Vogel said. “All of this is packed into a reusable tote bag for easy transportation to and from chemotherapy appointments. Our DBCC team works to distribute these bags to cancer centers around the state so that no one going through chemotherapy for breast cancer feels cold or alone during what is often a very rigorous treatment.”

Vogel explained that, as a non-profit, DBCC relies on the support of individuals to be part of the solution. Without DBCC, 633 fewer women would have been screened, 3,344 survivors would not have received the support they needed, and 142 newly diagnosed survivors would not have had peer mentors, support or financial assistance. Most importantly, donations remain local, helping those who call Delaware home.

“Continuing this important work is largely made possible by direct donations,” Vogel said. “Your powerful act of kindness, through your personal gift to DBCC is a lifeline for those who need us most. Stock donations are also possible or, when shopping on smile.amazon.com, make Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition your charity of choice. On select purchases, Amazon will donate a percentage back to non-profit organizations like DBCC at no additional cost to you. All you have to do is set the charity and shop on smile.amazon.com as you normally do on Amazon.”

Take a stand for kindness by giving back to support the mission of DBCC so that every person diagnosed with breast cancer becomes a survivor, replacing fear and doubt with knowledge and hope. Donations can be made online at www.debreastcancer.org or contact Kelly Paustian at [email protected]. Stock donations can be made by contacting Rachelle Schindler at [email protected].

“DBCC thanks the community for bringing much needed hope, courage and healing to our local communities by supporting the work of the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition,” Vogel said. “

If you or someone you know is battling breast cancer and could benefit from being connected to DBCC, please contact 1-888-672-9647 or by visiting www.debreastcancer.org.

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