DOE’s new summer camp website includes lots of free options

Jarek Rutz Education, Headlines


First State parents can help students can keep their minds active this summer by using a new website that includes hundreds of programs made available in Delaware’s “Summer of Opportunity.”

The Department of Education this week announced its new website contains a database of 265 different camps and programs that will help families find school and community-based learning opportunities to help kids avoid learning loss before they return to school.

The search engine filters targeted grades, dates, locations, costs, sponsoring organization and transportation options so families can choose a camp that perfectly meets their needs. 

Most of the programs listed are free admission, and they are available to students between kindergarten and twelfth grade. 

There are 30 programs available online, and 335 programs that are in-person. 

The website has a map feature as well that allows families to see exactly where their camp will be.


Delaware students should have enriching experiences this summer with opportunities for formal and informal learning, said Secretary of Education Mark Holodick in a press release. 

“For one student that may mean attending science camp at a park, for another it may mean enrolling in a school program that integrates English language arts supports and sports and for a third it could be a series of day trips with family and friends to explore the rich offerings of our region,” he said. 

Most importantly, he said, is that the state’s students are engaged in some sort of learning and exploration this summer so they return to school in the fall ready to learn and succeed in the new school year.

The department will continue to add programs into the database. ​​Organizations that want a program to be included should [email protected].

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