Freeman Arts Pavilion collaborates with Milford School District

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Freeman Arts Pavilion delivers Creative Nourishment art kits to MSD studnets

Milford School District partnered with the Freeman Arts Pavilion to provide students with Creative Nourishment art kits. On Friday, January 29, the open-air performing venue located in Fenwick Island, delivered 4,300 kits in an effort to keep the arts alive during these trying times.

“The Freeman Arts Pavilion, formerly known as the Freeman Arts Foundation, collaborated with local artist, John Donato, to create art kits for children in all grades,” Trish Gerken, Public Information Officer for Milford School District, said. “The kits include all step-by-step instructions in English and Spanish along with the individual art supplies to complete the project. The Freeman Arts Pavilion has provided enough kits for every Milford School District student.”

As a long-time partner with the district, the Freeman Arts Pavilion has provided opportunities for children to engage and celebrate the arts for many years. The art kits, which allow students to express their own creativity, will be used as a supplement to the district’s curriculum.

Creative Nourishment art kits donated by the Freeman Arts Pavilion delivered to MSD schools

“We have developed a virtual space to exhibit student artwork,” Gerken said. “It is our hope to utilize this program to build upon and eventually expand the online space to include more art projects from all of our students. As students complete their Creative Nourishment projects, they are encouraged to submit a photo of their creation so we can display it in our virtual exhibit, called the Blooming Buccaneer Art Gallery, for all to enjoy.”

In addition to the Creative Nourishment art kits, the Freeman Arts Pavilion is also providing elementary students with five custom hip-hop dance videos.

“These have been customized to include a special message from the artists regarding character development for our Buccaneers and will be shared as a resource to supplement our character education available through our related arts programming,” Gerken explained. “The videos are designed for student use, but any community member who is interested in exploring the resource can contact Bridget Amory, Director of Student Learning at [email protected] or Alyson Cunningham at the Freeman Arts Pavilion at [email protected].”

Creative Nourishment art kits donated by the Freeman Arts Pavilion await MSD students

The Freeman Arts Pavilion is a program sponsored by the Joshua Freeman Foundation, a nonprofit arts organization which was created after the death of Freeman in December 2006. The Foundation honors Freeman’s passion and commitment to excellence to create programs he would be proud of, including the Arts Access Initiative.

Families and community members can visit the Blooming Buccaneer Art Gallery on the district website. The district hopes to have the gallery up for viewing in the next few weeks.

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