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Kiss My Axe brings stress relief to events

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Emily Volkomer tries her hand at axe throwing in the Kiss My Axe trailer

Scott Harris explained that Kiss My Axe, an axe throwing mobile trailer he and friends developed, was a natural progression from his 20 years as a mobile DJ. The idea developed one evening when he was visiting a friend and the friend’s wife wanted to go axe throwing.

“It was late at night, probably around 9 or 10, and I figured it probably didn’t work that way,” Harris said. “I didn’t think we could hop in the car, drive an hour and find a place that would take us that late, so we didn’t go. The next morning, I woke up and thought “You know what, why don’t I just build something small for you here?” But, I never do anything small. Two days later, I purchased a trailer, brought it back to our shop and we began creating Kiss My Axe.”

As a metal fabricator who owns and operates Delmarva Powder Coating and DPC Fabrications, Harris began searching online, trying to find other axe-throwing businesses in order to create thumbnail sketches and prototypes. He and his friend, Brandon Henderson, spent nights and weekends working on the trailer, creating what they felt would draw the public.

“A lot of what we were seeing seemed cold and industrial,” Harris said. “So, we started noting what not to do as we wanted to be able to fit into a lot of different events and venues. We added a lot of burnt wood, art work, a lot of color and plenty of lighting. We went to a few small events and worked out the bugs, changing little things that made it work better. We added bars and more lighting as well as black lighting which really made it stand out.”

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Emily Volkomer shows her axe throwing prowess

Once they had worked out the bugs, Kiss My Axe made its official debut at a concert to benefit the ALS Association featuring Ocean City’s Jimmy Charles, a country artist. The debut was a huge success and Harris has been delivering his axe-throwing mobile unit to events ever since. Recently, Harris sat down with Zack and Marissa King, owners of EasySpeak, and learned that there was going to be space available in the same building when JT Performance moved to their new building in the Industrial Park.

“We sat down in the EasySpeak game room and discussed options,” Harris said. “Honestly, the décor of EasySpeak is close to what we want to have in our location. We are hoping to take this to the next level, a club level so to speak. It will be traditional until around 9 or 10 PM and then we will turn the lights down, the fog will come up, the disco lights start and we have a glow throw. We won’t serve alcohol as we don’t want to compete with EasySpeak. We may be able to install a Plexiglass window between the EasySpeak game room and our area so people can actually sit with a drink and watch what is happening, thinking that will encourage someone to want to try it.”

The brick-and-mortar location is still in the planning stages as Harris works with the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Milford and the city to finalize a business plan, get the right permitting and confirm financing. Until then, he intends to continue traveling with his mobile axe-throwing unit.

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Kiss My Axe is available for events and parties

“We are family-friendly, licensed and insured,” Harris said. “We can handle anyone over the age of 12, according to our insurance. This will not be an early morning enterprise as no one wants to throw axes around at 9 AM. We will probably start at noon, kind of working with EasySpeak so our schedules mesh together. There is nothing like this in this area. If you want to do this, you have to drive an hour north or an hour south, so this is perfect for this area.”

In addition to the mobile unit, Harris offers classes for those who want to hone their axe throwing skills. Anyone who wants to book the mobile trailer or take lessons can reach out on their Facebook page, KissMyAxeDE, and send a private message.

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