Mayor appoints council to committees, expands Board of Adjustments

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Milford City Council recently approved appointments to subcommittees and an expansion of the Board of Adjustments

At a recent meeting, Mayor Todd Culotta appointed the final council members to various subcommittees. At his first meeting in the seat, Mayor Culotta made appointments but since no one had been appointed to the seat he vacated when he became mayor, some of the positions were left open. Now that Councilwoman Nadia Zychal occupies that seat, Mayor Culotta filled the subcommittee appointments.

“Nadia, I want to appoint you to the Annexation and Charter Review subcommittee,” Mayor Culotta said. “Now if anybody else has any ones they prefer to be on or don’t want to be on, just reach out to me and we can discuss it.”

According to information provided in the packet, Mayor Culotta appointed Councilwoman Madula Kalesis as the chairperson for the Economic Development Subcommittee along with Councilwomen Lori Connor and Katrina Wilson and Councilman Michael Stewart. The staff liaison will be the Planning Director. Councilwoman Wilson will chair the Public Safety Subcommittee along with Councilwoman Connor and Councilmen Jason James and Stewart. The police chief will serve as the staff liaison.

The Finance and Audit Subcommittee will be chaired by Councilman James who will serve with Councilman Dan Marabello along with Councilwomen Nirmala Samaroo and Connor. The finance director will serve as staff liaison. Councilwoman Madula Kalesis will chair the Public Works and Utilities Subcommittee along with Councilwomen Connor and Wilson along with Councilman Stewart. The electric and public works director, along with the city engineer serve as staff liaison.

The Annexation Subcommittee will be led by Councilwoman Katrina Wilson. In addition to Councilwoman Zychal, Councilwoman Kalesis and Councilman Stewart will also serve with the planning director as staff liaison. Councilman James will chair the Charter Review Subcommittee. In addition to Councilwoman Zychal, Councilman Marabello and Councilwoman Wilson will also serve. The city clerk and manager will serve as staff liaisons.

The Community Cemetery Committee will be led by Mayor Culotta along with Councilwoman Wilson. The city manager as well as the Parks and Recreation director will serve as staff liaison.

After confirming council appointments and approving the city clerk job posting for the retiring Terri Hudson’s position, Mayor Culotta announced that he was expanding the Board of Adjustments from three members to five.

“Okay, so everybody knows that the Board of adjustment meets once a month on Thursday, the third Thursday in the morning. It’s a board made up of folks in the community that approve adjustments to what’s in our normal charter, things like that. I want to thank Councilwoman Zychal for her service to the committee for the last what four years. She made herself available for that committee,” Mayor Culotta said. “That committee recently was three people Brandon Warfel is chair. Nadia was on it and Ronald Rizzo, and so anytime one or two of them weren’t there, they didn’t have a quorum. We couldn’t have a meeting and pushed off all the decisions for another month. So, I took the liberty of adding two more people to the committee. And that means it is much more likely your business can move along accordingly.”

The nominees for the open positions on Board of Adjustments were Ronald L. Mescola, Joe Wiley and Andria G. White.

“Can I just make a comment on this is just for the public,” Councilman James said. “I believe our charter always did allow up to five, so you had that leeway already. It wasn’t like you were adding new things. The really interesting thing that you are complying with the charter.”

The increase in Board of Adjustment members and the nominees were approved unanimously.



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