Milford High holds National Honor Society induction

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Chris Phillips, Advisor to the Milford High School National Honor Society, displays photos of the 32 inductees at the ceremony held on March 17

On March 17, Milford High School held their annual National Honor Society induction, welcoming 32 new students into the organization. Students who are inducted into the National Honor Society demonstrate leadership, scholarship, citizenship and service.

“The annual ceremony to accept exceptional Milford High School students as new members of the Mispillion Chapter of the National Honor Society as well as to recognize our current members is always a highlight of the school year,” Dr. Kevin Dickerson, Superintendent, said. “We are fortunate for the daily leadership from our National Honor Society members. Individually and collectively, they are truly a phenomenal representation of Milford High School and the Milford School District. Becoming a member of the National Honor Society is quite an achievement. Your perseverance and commitment to academics and other school activities during the recent times of uncertainty is highly commended.”

Milford High School principal, Jesse Parsley, told those in attendance that students inducted that night would join an organization that is over 100 years old and with more than one million members. He pointed out that the students who would be inducted that evening demonstrated all the four pillars that the National Honor Society demonstrates.

“Scholarship is not just about grade point average,” Parsley said. “It is about our student’s commitment to challenge themselves with a rigorous course load. Too often, people take the easy way out. These students have consistently demonstrated a commitment to scholarship by the way they challenge themselves daily. Leadership. Our inductees this evening are all leaders in some capacity at Milford High School. Some are class officers, team captains, student organization officers and leaders in the classroom. As part of the application process, these students have to put in countless hours of community service. I firmly believe these students would have completed those service hours regardless of the application process. They understand that giving back to the community makes the community stronger and a better place to live. Finally, character. Former basketball coach John Wood once said “be concerned about your character more than your reputation because your character is what you really are while your reputation is merely what others think of you.” A true test of someone’s character is what he or she does when no one is watching. As I travel the halls here at Milford High School, I often see our students helping each other, leading classroom discussions and reminding others to do the same. It is my honor to be part of this ceremony tonight and recognize this amazing group of students.”

In order to become a member of the National Honor Society, a student must have a minimum 3.5 GPA, participate actively in at least two school clubs, sports or other school activity, accumulate at least 10 hours of community service prior to joining and, as a school leader, maintain sound character and have positive self-discipline.

Students inducted at the ceremony included:  Diamond Carmona; Beau Davis; Makenzie Dee; Nicholas Del Rossi; Giavonna Dorell; Christiana Fernandez; Carlie Fogel; Reina Fogel; Kaitlyn Graham; Ryleigh Harrison; Anneliese Hatfield; Alexandria Herber; Tyra Jones; Jayvon Laguerre; Stephen Layton; Sundene Lodge; Trent Lofland; Ayanna Matthews; Marlie McMillan; Jacob Muir; Olivia Muir; Alexander Nash; Victoria Nikolaeva; Audrey Russell; Shawn Saxon; Sophia Sobota; Leah Tate; Haley Thompson; Robert Spencer Warren; Bryce Wells; Kassidy Willey and Rhe’Ann Williams.

After each inductee signed the National Honor Society book and received their certificate, they recited the National Honor Society pledge. To end the ceremony, National Honor Society advisor Chris Phillips played “Do I Make You Proud?” a song by Taylor Hicks in recognition of the support system each student had to help them reach this milestone.

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