City and MSD partner to create walking path

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Second rendering of proposed shared use path near Milford High School

First rendering of proposed shared use path near Milford High School

The City of Milford and Milford School District have partnered to design a shared use pathway near Milford High School. The new path is planned to run along the parking lot of Brigg’s Stadium, crossover Northeast Tenth Street and travel along Silicato Parkway.

“Mr. Sharp has really done a great job with this,” Dr. Kevin Dickerson, Superintendent, said. “We have two renderings, and we are going to meet with DelDOT about the plans, but it is a shared pathway that will connect to a greater pathway throughout the city. We think it is advantageous throughout the entire community as well as the school district. It will be a safe place.”

In addition to the shared use path, DelDOT’s plans include egress to and from the stadium, something the district has needed for some time.

“If you’ve been here for large events, especially in the stadium parking lot, you know we need this egress,” Dickerson said. “We will now have a pathway out or an exit that also connects Silicato Parkway that kind of comes up almost behind the lower turf field.”

Mike Sharp, Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds, explained that the main purpose of the new shared use pathway was for safety. The added exit would also be beneficial after football games and graduation.  Dickerson stated that as the Silicato Parkway area grows, adding a shared use path would create a safer place for students and other pedestrians.

The two plans were almost identical as School Board President Jason Miller pointed out. One showed a small rise on the east end of the stadium parking lot.

“That’s the only difference I saw,” Sharp said. “We’re going to meet with DelDOT in a couple of weeks. The individual will be back from maternity leave and we’re going to meet the first or second week of April just to walk the area to make sure we’re all on the same page. But the only difference from the original I saw was dumping right into the parking lot. So, this is a really big change from where it was six months ago.”

Miller asked if the new path would impact any existing infrastructure such as fencing or impervious surfaces. Sharp stated that one part of the fence may need to b removed but that more details on that would be learned when he met with DelDOT and the city in the next few weeks. There was no timeline for when the new path would be installed.

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