Village Primary Care to open in Milford Wellness Village

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Village Primary Care will open in Milford Wellness Village

One of the latest additions to Milford Wellness Village is Village Primary Care, offering exceptional, patient-centered healthcare in the Milford community. The permanent location of Village Primary Care is still under construction, so they will open at a temporary location at 21 West Clarke Street, Suite 1610 in Milford.

“Our mission is to elevate healthcare experienced by fostering a conversation that values each individual,” Kaitlin Fielder, APRN-FNP-C, said. “We will be guided by our core values of connection, integrity, collaboration and excellence. We ensure accessibility with flexible hours, 24/7 emergency phone access and both in-person and telehealth visits.”

Village Primary Care will have a community focused approach that is designed to support patients, staff and nurse practitioners. They plan to emphasize the importance of privacy, safety and trust.

“Stay tuned for information about our grand opening,” Fielder said. “We will also be providing more details on how we plan to elevate the healthcare experience for all our patients.”

Village Primary Care promises to provide exceptional care that meets both short- and long-term health goals. They are dedicated to fostering a healthcare environment that values each individual and ensures accessibility and convenience for all.

Milford Wellness Village is an innovative development dedicated to delivering integrated health, education and other services designed to improve the well-being of residents in Milford and the surrounding area.

For more information about Village Primary Care, call 833-698-7221 or email [email protected].

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