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Atlantic Self Storage lot lines corrected

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City Council approved a lot line error for Atlantic Self Storage

by Terry Rogers


At a recent council meeting, Atlantic Self Storage corrected a lot line issue with the approval of city council. The correction was required to come before council as it did not meet the requirements for administrative approval.

“The applicant is the owner of Lot 2 and Lot 4 within the West Milford Industrial Park,” Rob Pierce, City Planner, said. “That’s the industrial park where Masten Circle is located behind McDonald’s and the shopping center. Lot 2 was developed for self-storage in the late 1980s. There appears to be an expansion of the self-storage use on Lot 4 sometime in the late 1990s or early 2000s. The properties were never consolidated into one property when the expansion occurred, so it created nonconformity with parts of the one mini storage building extending across the property line. The applicant is proposing to adjust the boundaries for the two properties in order to entirely encompass the self-storage building on Lot 2.”

According to Pierce, the boundary line adjustment would allow the owners to keep the self-storage as one property and either find another use for the second lot or sell it to someone else.

“A little more background for the request,” Wayne Hodge, Office Manager, Atlantic Self Storage, said. “We’re never going to expand the storage facility there. So, we want to be able to sell that lot. And, unfortunately, when we bought it, the people who owned it previously, they built that storage building across the property and it was never put as one property. Unfortunately, the storage buildings are made of metal and can’t be altered, so there’s no way to cut part of that off. We’d like to extend that onto our property because we already have it 80 percent rented as it is. That way we can sell the other lot and somebody can build whatever they want to build there.”

Council voted 7 to 0 to approve the measure. There were no comments from the public during the public hearing.

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