Delaware Humanities offers virtual Community Conversations

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Raffi Andonian will be the host of a Delaware Humanities Community Conversation on July 24

Delaware Humanities offers a virtual Community Conversation program designed to explore ideas through conversation with others. Unlike a speaker program, a Community Conversation involves active participation fo all audience members. The programs have a trained conversation leader who guides participants as they explore why they think what they do, share stores with one another, build trust and find common ground.

On Wednesday, July 24 from 11 AM until 12 Noon, an online discussion about the Public History Toolkit will be held virtually. This conversation will be led by Raffi Andonian and will feature the topic “Whose Dream is It? Defining and Participating in the American Dream.

Andonian, a well-known podcaster, producer and host, will focus on the early theological ideals of this country, from the Puritans to the public-private partnership of the Virginia Company as well as overlooked historical figures. He will discuss disagreements on public policy that are often linked to different understandings and personal experiences about what the American dream actually may be.

Registration for the program is required and can be completed by visiting the Delaware Humanities website.

Delaware Humanities offers many topics for Community Conversations. Information about getting speakers or scheduling a Community Conversation can be found by clicking here.

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