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School starts for all students on August 31 in Milford School District

With elementary school orientations planned for the next week, many parents are asking how what steps they should take to prepare their child for the start of the school year. Evelyn I. Morris Early Childhood Center will hold their orientation on Monday, August 29 while Benjamin Banneker, Lulu M. Ross and Mispillion Elementary Schools will hold orientation on Tuesday, August 30.

“The schools will notify parents of specific times they should bring their child in for orientation,” Trish Gerken, Public Information Director for Milford School District, said. “Any parent who has not received their information should contact the Main Office of their child’s school.”

Gerken explained that one of the best ways to prepare a child for the start of school is to attend welcome events prior to the start of the school year. At the orientation and Meet the Teacher events, students and parents can explore the school, find their classroom, meet their teacher and pick up any information they may need before school starts. It also gives families a chance to meet other school personnel, such as office staff, principals and child nutrition staff.

“You can also assist your children with readiness by helping them get into a bedtime routine that is consistent with the school year,” Gerken said. “We encourage families to begin making their children’s bedtimes earlier and, for children who have become used to sleeping in over the summer, begin slowly waking them up a half-hour earlier each morning until reaching the time they will need to get up on a school day. Getting into the routine of eating breakfast and lunch each day is also important. This school year, we will once again be offering free breakfast and free lunch for our students each school day. We also strongly encourage having students read every day as preparation for the school year and a great way to make sure they continue to practice their skills. Playing board games or having children help with tasks around the house can be fun ways to practice math facts and remain mentally sharp as well.”

For the first day of school, Gerken explained that elementary school children will need a backpack and, if they are packing lunch, a lunchbox. The district will cover other general supply needs although if additional supplies are needed, the child’s teacher will contact parents. In most cases, supply lists are not necessary.

“Any family that needs to change their child’s transportation should contact the Transportation Department or the Main Office where the child is enrolled as soon as possible,” Gerken said. “Transportation on the first day cannot be guaranteed for any changes made after August 18. This date is to ensure that contractors and drivers have the necessary time to prepare for the routes and safe transportation of all students. As always, we will attempt to make the turnaround for changes to student transportation assignments as quickly as possible. Updated transportation information will be available on the district website beginning on August 25.”

Gerken reminded parents that students should be at the bus stop 15 minutes early for the first few days until patterns are set. They do ask that parents to be patient with pick-up and drop-off times during the first week of school as times may vary some as traffic patterns change and students become more familiar with the route. If a child misses the bus, parents should contact the school and, if they miss the bus for more than two days, they should contact the Transportation Office by calling 302-424-6476 or emailing [email protected]. When calling, be sure to spell the child’s name and whether calling or emailing, state what school the child attends the bus number and any other details.

“There have been no major changes to the dress code from last year at this time although the dress code will be reviewed again this school year to be sure the policy is appropriate and fair for our students and families,” Gerken said. “Families are encouraged to contact our schools with any questions or needs that they may have regarding our policy.”

Dr. Kevin Dickerson, Superintendent, is excited to welcome students back into the buildings.

“We are excited for the upcoming school year and the return of all of our students!” Dr. Dickerson, said. “We are fortunate for our wonderful and talented students, dedicated and accomplished teaching and support staff, caring families and supportive community. We look forward to an exciting and successful year of learning as we continue to work together to keep our “Students First!” and provide the best educational services and opportunities possible for our students, families and community.”

The first day for all students is August 31. Parents can review the dress code policy at https://www.milfordschooldistrict.org/learning-in-msd/student-life/dress-code-policy. The phone numbers for each elementary school are:  Morris – 302-422-1650; Banneker – 302-422-1630; Ross – 302-422-1640 and Mispillion 302-424-5800.

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