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Darryl Tilghman, recipient of 2022 Excellence Award from the City of Milford

At a recent meeting, Milford City Council was presented with employees who were recognized for 2022 Excellence Awards. Jamesha Williams, Director of Human Resources, explained that the City of Milford Excellence Award program began in 2018 as a way to ensure that recognition is part of the culture of the city. Nominations from peers, supervisors and customers are submitted to the Human Resources Department using the electronic Employee Recognition Form on the city website.

“The first employee we are recognizing is Darryl Tilghman, he’s been with us since 2020 and is our longest tenured employee in Solid Waste,” Williams said. “Darryl was recognized because he worked during the adverse heat conditions on July 2, 2022 as well as Monday, July 4, when everyone else was off.”

In addition, Tilghman demonstrated performance excellence when the Solid Waste Department was down to one and then two vehicles recently. According to Williams, Tilghman is always ready to go above and beyond his ordinary scope of work and working hours, showing a strong worth ethic and organizational commitment.

Brandon Brown, recipient of the 2022 Excellence Award from the City of Milford

“The second employee recognized is Brandon Brown, a Public Works Equipment Operator in Streets and Utilities,” Williams said. “He was one of those employees working a full day in heat conditions Saturday, July 2 while most of us were home during the weekend.”

Recent challenges with maintenance and repair on Solid Waste collection equipment led to a dramatic reduction in available vehicles, Williams explained. Brown joined the Solid Waste staff to assist in special catch-up collection days, demonstrating a commitment to the city and customer service.

Brandon Keller, recipient of the 2022 Excellence Award with the City of Milford

“The last award goes to Brandon Keller, who is a Public Works Equipment Operator for Streets and Utilities,” Williams said. “He is one of the most recent employees that we’ve gotten in transition from the State of Delaware. A few of our hires have come from the State of Delaware and Brandon just started with us June 6. He pitched in that same time on July 2 and he is a fairly new hire. So, it just really shows his dedication and ability to go above and beyond even if it is not a specific task that they’re actually assigned.”

Keller was helpful when Solid Waste had limited vehicles available and, in just a few weeks, demonstrated his dedication to the City of Milford. Each employee received recognition at the December 12 meeting of Milford City Council as well as a gift card to thank them for going above and beyond what is required of them.

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