Grier home named Garden of the Month

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The Grier home has been named the Garden of the Month by the Milford Garden Club

When you first arrive at the Milford Garden Club’s Garden of the Month for June, a beautifully patterned brick walkway greets you. As you stroll down the walkway toward the two-story house, eye catching garden areas unfold. To the far right is a whimsical bench surrounded by pink vincas and ornamental iron birdhouses. The main garden lies ahead and features beautifully spaced pink and white vincas, rust-colored barberry bushes, white liriope and boxwoods. Daylillies dot the landscape and a number of decorative urns are home to begonias, spike plants and sedum.

Several trees provide additional visual interest and include a wide-spreading tamukeyama maple on one side of the home and a tall dogwood in the center of the lawn. Holly, rhododendron, rosemary and mandilla plantings are also featured.

The house, at 803 West Lane Circle in Milford, was purchased by Judy and Garry Grier in 1978 and was the first home the couple owned. Both are life-long residents of the Milford area and said “we grew up here, always lived here and always will live here.” Garry, a retired businessman, said his grandfather managed the Milford-based Caulk Company and once took a trip to the White House in Washington, DC to invite President Harding to come to Milford to see a baseball game between well-known rivals. Judy grew up on a local farm and owns an interior design business.

Judy said she loves being outside and favors big flower beds with plenty of color. She said she removed her spring plantings of tulips and winter pansies and replaced them with the summer plantings now on display. Garry said his job is to cut the grass and dump mulch for his wife to spread. Both said they make a great team.

The Milford Garden Club names a Garden of the Month in order to promote gardening throughout the city. The club hopes this program will encourage others to enhance their property with beautiful gardens as well as natural habitats to encourage wildlife and birds. The club offers tips on how flowers and other plants protect the environment as well.

Any garden in Milford is eligible for recognition and the homeowner whose garden is chosen will get recognition for their efforts and bragging rights for the rest of the month. A sign is placed on the property and the club asks that friends and family spread the word when a neighbor is recognized.

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