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Legacy Coffee opens in Milford

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a group of people standing in a room

Legacy Coffee is now open in the UNITED Church location on North Dupont Highway

UNITED Church has a goal to become a place where people can gather, a space where people feel like family when they walk in the door. According to Pastor Kenneth Wagner, the church wants to be a place where anyone feels welcomed and included. For this reason, the church recently opened Legacy Coffee Co., a boutique coffee shop just inside the doors of their church which is located by the Milford Movies 9 on Dupont Highway.

“Legacy is just one more environment where you can experience that feeling of family,” Wagner said. “We wanted to create a place where you can walk in and say “Man, I belong here, I can hang out here, have coffee with co-workers or friends. It has great, great vibes with a relaxed atmosphere.”

Profits from the coffee shop will be used to support the church’s three lanes of impact, including missions locally as well as around the world, UNITED University which is the development piece of the church and to help the church continue to grow and share the love of Jesus throughout the State of Delaware. The tagline for the coffee shop is, “Drink Coffee, Leave a Legacy” in order to promote the fact that the coffee shop is designed to support not only the church but the local community as well.

The coffee shop is open to the public and offers coffee from Ceremony Coffee Roasters out of Annapolis, Maryland, as well as teas from Brandywine Roasters. They are proud to serve fresh baked goods from local bakery, Flour Power Duo, including cinnamon rolls, coffee cakes, muffins, chocolate chip cookies, Reese’s brownies and more. They also offer a gluten-free strawberry granola bar.

“The cinnamon rolls are out of this world,” Wagner said. “We get two deliveries a week and they sell out before we even get the next delivery, so that’s a good problem to have.”

Wagner pointed out that the main goal of the coffee shop is to be about the community and the assistance UNITED Church offers in the area. He stated that no one will push faith on members of the public who come in to enjoy coffee or tea. There is no requirement to attend their worship experience even though the coffee shop is open during worship hours. He stated that it was simply a coffee shop where people could gather and grab an amazing cup of coffee.

Legacy Coffee Co. is open Monday through Saturday from 7:00 AM until 3:00 PM and on Sunday from 9:00 AM until 12 Noon.

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