Milford Church of God to hold live nativity

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The Milford Church of God Live Nativity and Outdoor Concert will feature live animals, including a camel

by Terry Rogers


The Milford Church of God will hold their live nativity outside the church located at 500 North Walnut Street for the second year. The nativity will be open December 10 and 11 from 6 to 8 PM. There is a 20-to-25-minute live choir concert that will be performed three times during the two-hour event. There is a rain date planned for December 12 if it is needed.

Last year, with the pandemic limiting the number of people who could gather indoors, Pastor Andy Scott of the Milford Church of God wanted to do something for the community in celebration of Christmas. He went to his parishioners and suggested doing a live nativity scene as outdoor events were not as limited as those held indoors.

“I talked to my Administrator of Music and suggested the live nativity,” Pastor Stevens said. “The choir could sing, and we could have live animals. He ran with it, found a vendor where we could get live animals, and someone donated a classic pick-up truck that we decorated. We also had a photo booth where people could commemorate the experience.”

Pastor Stevens explained that there were quite a few hoops to jump through to hold the live nativity in 2020. They could only have 150 people at the event at one time, requiring them to stop cars at times until another car left the area.

a car parked in a field

An antique pick up truck decorated for Christmas was part of last year’s live nativity at the Milford Church of God

“It was so popular for those two days,” Pastor Stevens said. “Frankly, it was the only thing going on due to the pandemic. In August, we started talking about the Christmas season and decided to do this again. We learned a few things last year that we are improving. We are partnering with Milford School District, and they are allowing us to use the Benjamin Banneker parking lot. We are thinking we will use golf carts to transport people to and from the live nativity but are still working out those details.”

The event is free and will include a state-of-the-art audio system provided by Mid-South Audio as well as children’s activities. The cost of the event has been covered by generous donations from local individuals and businesses.

“Although we are always grateful for donations, you will not see a donation box at this event,” Pastor Stevens said. “We want to celebrate the reason for the season and give families something fun to do.”

For more information about the live nativity and outdoor choir concert, contact Milford Church of God at 302-422-9138 or email them at [email protected].

The Milford Church of God’s Live Nativity and Outdoor Concert

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