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Milford Conversation returns in June

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The Milford Conversation will resume in June, providing insight into activities available in the town

The Milford Conversation, an informal gathering of those who want to see Milford grow and prosper, is resuming, effective Thursday, June 13, 2024, at 8:30 AM.  The meetings are held at the First Presbyterian Church, 101 S. Walnut Street in Milford. Although this meeting will be held on the second Thursday, future meetings are scheduled for the first Thursday morning of each month.

Anyone is welcome to attend the Milford Conversation. The meeting begins with each attendee giving an “elevator speech,” describing who they are, what organization they represent and events that are coming up.

“The mission of the Milford Conversation is to both get the word out on things happening in Milford before they occur but also to start trying to connect folks, both old and new to the town, with people and groups that have similar interests,” John Huntzinger, leader of the group, said.  “The goal is to both let everyone know about what’s available on a wide range of topics and inform them of the points of contact at various organizations to make those connections.  Keep in mind that as life’s journey occurs, you’ll encounter situations that are foreign to you, such as aging parents, becoming empty nesters, growing a family with recreation needs and more. These are some of the topics that may be discussed at future meetings.”

Our first speaker will be Sara LeBright of Downtown Milford Inc (DMI).  DMI, among other things, organizes events in the downtown and volunteering with them is a great way for folks to make new friendships.

“Who’s invited?  You are, whether you’re looking for a way to get involved or are looking for connections with people with similar interests,” Huntzinger said. “We’ll try to get representatives of different groups and interests to start the conversations. If you have a topic in mind for a future meeting, please feel free to suggest them.”

Huntzinger pointed out that statistics show that when someone is new to the area they usually get their bearings within six month of their arrival and start to get set in their ways. After eight moves courtesy of Uncle Sam, Huntzinger confirms those statistics to be accurate.

“If you know of someone who has recently moved to the area, this is a great way for them to learn more about Milford and what is available,” Huntzinger said. “We often have representatives from non-profit organizations who are always looking for volunteers, the school district, the city, health agencies and business owners.”

If you have a suggestion for a future topic, email  [email protected]. Refreshments are provided at the meeting. Parking is available behind the church and entrance to the meeting is through the back door marked with the handicap symbol. Walk through the kitchen and enter the fellow shop hall where the meeting is held.



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