a group of people posing for the camera

Monster Mile Walk for a Cause planned for October

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a group of people posing for the camera

Team Lady Di prepares for a previous Monster Mile Walk for a Cause

On Saturday, October 16, Dover’s Monster Mile will be filled with teams as they walk to raise money for the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition. Registration for the walk begins at 7:30 AM and the walk starts at 8:30 AM.

“The Monster Mile is so much fun,” Diane Geddes said. “Participants gather in their individual groups, some in costumes, some in crazy outfits, some are themed, like my team. My team is called “Team Lady Di” and a co-worker of mine donated the shirts for the team when I started participating. The timer goes off and everyone on every team takes to the track and begins the one mile walk around. People are taking pictures as they walk, talking, smiling, joking and just having the best time! So much energy from the participants is felt throughout the event. It’s amazing! When you finish, you assemble in the Winner’s Circle where prizes and awards are handed out. Everyone is very excited!”

Geddes has participated in the event since 2013. Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012, Geddes saw a pamphlet for DBCC at the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center and thought it would be something she could get involved with. She believes the Monster Mile Walk for a Cause is one of the best events in October and has won a few trophies “thanks to my supportive team.”

The purpose of DBCC is to raise awareness of the dangers of breast cancer, Geddes explained.

“Through their fundraising efforts, they are able to continue to support all of their programs, which are many, helping to provide mammograms, programs which instill the importance of prevention and to assist those along their journey with the much needed support men and men who are going through breast cancer need,” Geddes said. “They are non-profit and use their money in so many ways for support, including peer mentoring, a program I am involved in.”

Geddes stated that when someone is diagnosed with breast cancer, what they need most is support.

“It is a crucial element for someone going through treatment,” Geddes said. “DBCC makes you feel like family. They help you with paying a bill, if needed, assign a peer mentor for you to talk to, letting you know you are not alone in this journey and so much more. The amount of programs they sponsor are vast. The entire state of Delaware should fully support this organization. The good they do for others is endless and they do it without bias or restraint.”

Diane Geddes holds one of the trophies she has received as a participant of the Monster Mile Walk for a Cause

Because of the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, fundraising efforts for DBCC are behind although they are starting to hold more in-person events. Each event is designed with grace, discretion, charm and love, Geddes stated.

“We are starting the walk a little earlier this year,” Lois Wilkinson, Program Director for Kent and New Castle County, said. “Due to the continuing pandemic, we may not have vendors at this year’s event.”

Geddes cannot say enough great things about DBCC.

“We will always do what we can to help DBCC in their efforts for all women,” Geddes said. “The people on staff, the board members and those you come to share a bond with are there for you. You just feel the aura around you that you are surrounded by love. That’s why I try to raise the most money I can for this superior organization. The organization who gives their raised funds to men and women who need it, not large corporations. DBCC is the real deal!”

To learn more about DBCC or find additional events and partnership events taking place across Delaware to help raise awareness for Breast Cancer that help to support DBCC’s work in our local communities can be found at www.debreastcancer.org.


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