a little girl sitting on a table

North Pole Creamery to sponsor Drum Circle event

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a little girl sitting on a table

Build and play a drum created from ice cream tubs at the Drum Circle event at North Pole Creamery

North Pole Creamery owner David Pickrell loves music as well as the arts and felt it would be a great idea to combine his love of music with his ice cream shop. As a result, a free Drum Circle event will be held on July 17 starting at 2:00 PM at the North Pole Creamery, next to the Milford Riverwalk. At this event, parents and children can create their own drum using ice cream tubs used at the creamery.

“We will show them how to build the drums as we assemble around North Pole Creamery,” Pickrell said. “The kids will be shown who to build and decorate their “drums.” Then, with instruction from the event facilitator, we will all gather in a circle to learn and perform in a group atmosphere. I am hoping to arrange for an accompanying dance group from one of our local dance academies.”

For Pickrell, this is a great way to combine music and art while also building a richer community. He stated that any opportunity to share the love of art and music with others, especially young people, is one that should never be passed up.

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Mary Kynsh will lead the Drum Circle event at North Pole Creamery

The Drum Circle will be led by Mary Knysh, a close friend of Pickrell’s who founded “Rhythmic Connections,” an innovative company advancing education, health and creative development through drum circles and music improvisation.

“Mary is a cutting edge workshop facilitator with specialty in education, a trainer and consultant who uses music as a means for personal and organizational transformation through creativity and non-verbal communication,” Pickrell said. “She is a professional musician, recording artist and international author. Mary travels throughout the United States, Europe and Asia performing, offering workshops, training and presenting at conferences.”

Knysh had a rare opportunity to visit Pickrell and his wife, Marcia Reed, owner of Gallery 37, in Milford and, as they talked about her new programs, the creamery and the amazing kids they have met while running the ice cream shop, an idea formed.

Create a drum and learn to play using ice cream tubs at the Drum Circle event

“The “light bulb” moment,” Pickrell said. “We both agreed that we have got to do this in Milford and right here at the creamery. All children and their parents are welcome to the event. We have secured the use of the park area adjacent to the creamery, so we have plenty of room to move.”

Anyone interested in building, learning and playing a drum can stop by to sign up at the North Pole Creamery or email [email protected].

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