Scott Fitzgerald appointed to MSD Board of Education

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On Monday, Jan. 25, Milford School District Board of Education appointed Scott Fitzgerald to complete the term of Judy Purcell who vacated a seat in Area D after moving from the area. Fitzgerald will hold the seat until Jun. 30. Board Member Rony Baltazar-Lopez was the only dissenting vote for Fitzgerald’s appointment.

“I believe education is important,” Fitzgerald said when asked why he wanted to be part of the board. “My family has been here for generations and I believe my children and grandchildren will be as well. I would like to see them thrive and I know education is how they will succeed.”

Fitzgerald stated that, as a business owner, he has dealt with all types of business matters and had to make difficult decisions that impact the lives of others. He also served as a member of the building committee for Crossroads Church when they recently decided to construct a large building. He believes that that experience will help the board with the need for a new middle school coming up in the future.

“I believe that my job as a board member is to establish a vision for the district which would include goals, guidance and oversight for the superintendent,” Fitzgerald said. “A member should be an advocate for the children and families. They must be attentive to all voices based on the best interest of the district. I believe that I have a good reputation in the community and that my personality and traits would be beneficial to the board.”

Fitzgerald also thanked the current board for their difficult position over the past year.

“I am sure the last year has not been a good time to be on the school board,” Fitzgerald said. “You have been forced to make decisions that I am sure, no matter what you decided, a significant number of the population would not agree. I appreciate the opportunity to help in any way I can.”

There will be an election for the position held by Fitzgerald in the spring.

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