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Milford School District is in the process of developing summer programs for students who may need additional help. Photo by Element5 Digital.

Milford School District Board of Education heard from Dr. Brian Clarke, Special Education Coordinator, about summer programming for the district. Some of the programs are designed for students with special education needs that require 12 months of education.

“The summer program is for students who are eligible for special education services and those students fall into one of two categories,” Dr. Clarke said. “They are either students that receive Extended School Year services, or students that receive 12-month programming or extended school year services. In order to be qualified for that, it’s based off of IEPs and considers their degree of impairment, regression and recruitment, breakthrough opportunities, vocational opportunities and in some rare opportunities or unusual circumstances like medical conditions or what have you.”

According to Dr. Clarke, there may be students who need additional educational time if they suffer from traumatic brain injury or they may have cognitive or physical disabilities. For the upcoming summer programs, there are 30 students who will be going to Morris Early Childhood Center while 30 additional students will be served at Banneker and Ross for grades one through five. Between Milford Central Academy and Milford High School, there are an additional 33 students, bringing the total number of children attending summer programing to just over 120.

“This year, we also employed a certified art therapist who is going to offer a unique opportunity for students to do some art,” Dr. Clarke said. “And we’re still in need of a few secondary teachers to support MCA and MHS. And finally like to thank Dr. Peale just for all the work getting the staff to support summer programming.”

Dr. Clarke explained that parents would be notified that their child was eligible for summer school over the next few weeks.

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