First State Educate's community action event Monday night focused on parental engagement with school boards.

FSE says parents need to engage in their kids’ education

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A group advocating for radical change to improve education in the state wants parents to be involved in their child’s education and is giving them the tools to do so.  First State Educate hosted a webinar Monday night in what will be a series of meetings helping inform the public about the current state of education in Delaware.  Monday’s was …

Brandywine's Harlan Elementary School is one of 53 Delaware schools on support and improvement plans.

53 schools on improvement plans to be re-evaluated next year 

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The First State has 53 public schools on support and improvement plans due to consistent underachievement.  They are divided into three categories, determined by factors such as whether the whole student body or only a student subgroup are underachieving and whether there’s a pattern of underperformance from year to year. Schools on support and improvement plans receive extra funding for …