Virtual urgent care available for non-life-threatening illnesses

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Bayhealth@home offers virtual urgent care that reduces stress on emergency departments while providing assistance to those with non-life-threatening illnesses

For those who suffer a medical issue that is non-life-threatening, Bayhealth’s virtual urgent care is an option that can provide medical assistance quickly while reducing wait times in the emergency room. The program is designed for those who may need to see a doctor but cannot reach their primary care physician, whether it is because it is after hours, or they do not have a primary care physician.

“Bayhealth@home is a service provided by Bayhealth to our community that allows patients to connect with a board-certified physician in under ten minutes,” Kalee Sexton, PR & Communications Coordinator, said. “They can do so from work, home or on the go rather than needing to drive to a walk-in center or an emergency department.

Virtual visits are best for conditions like infections or general concerns, Sexton said. The visit costs $64 and some patients may be able to receive reimbursement from their insurance company. To access virtual urgent care, simply download the Bayhealth@home app or visit the website, register and choose a physician. Virtual urgent care can be accessed using any smartphone or computer.

“Not all illnesses should use urgent care, however,” Sexton said. “Serious medical issues like stroke, heart attack or severe injuries are best seen in person. Patients with non-life-threatening conditions can be seen safely and quickly rather than waiting in the ER. It saves them time and frees up those resources for others in our community.”

In addition to providing medical advice to patients quickly, virtual urgent care also reduces longer wait times in emergency departments. At this time of year, flu, COVID and other viruses are prevalent. Minor illnesses like flu, rash, sinusitis, vomiting, pinkeye, ear infections or other illnesses can be addressed through Bayhealth@home. However, anyone who is experiencing shortness of breath, chest pain, feels faint, is in severe pain or has a high fever should visit a walk-in clinic or emergency department right away.

“This helps ensure Bayhealth meets families where they are, which is often in the comfort of their own home,” Kevin Snyder, Vice-President of Marketing and Communications, said just after the program launched in early 2022. “We understand life is busy for working professionals and parents. The last thing you want to do when you don’t feel well is leave your home. Bayhealth@home is the answer to those challenges.”

Anyone can download the Bayhealth@home app through the App Store or Google Play. The desktop or laptop link can be found at

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