Binder for Life program designed to prepare for an emergency

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Released by Dianne Deming


The First Presbyterian Church of Milford will offer a program designed to help you prepare for an emergency

A three-session workshop entitled “Binder for Life” will be offered through the First Presbyterian Church of Milford in March.  Through this series of workshops, participants will create a comprehensive notebook containing pertinent documents and information needed in an emergency (such as a rush to the hospital), or should they become incapacitated or pass away.  The Binder for Life will make difficult times and everyday life less stressful, and will be a useful tool in managing one’s affairs.

Guest speakers will include Bethany Geiser, owner of BG Professional Organization, Doug Root, financial planner with SmartPro Financial Delaware, and Meagan L. Sekscinski, Client Services Director with Procino, Wells & Woodland law firm.  These specialists will share their expertise and answer general questions.

Two tracks of the class are offered: Wednesday afternoons at 2:00pm (March 9, 16 and 23), and Friday evenings at 7:00pm (March 11, 18 and 25).  The Friday, March 11 workshop with professional organizer Bethany Geiser does double-duty as the 2nd Friday program for the month.

The cost of the course is $15 per notebook.  Couples may wish to share a binder, in which case the course cost is $15, even if both parties attend.  If each partner wants a separate notebook, then the cost is $30.  Pre-registration and pre-payment are required.  To pre-register, visit the church website at fpcmilford.org/events, or contact the church office for a registration form (302-422-5701 or [email protected]).  This series is open to the public.  Deadline for registration is Tuesday, March 1.

Are you prepared for the unexpected?  Would you be able to lay your hands on important documents, account numbers, deeds, titles, names and phone numbers in an emergency situation?  Would your loved ones?  Are you calm and clear-headed in life’s most stressful moments?

If you answered “no” to any of the above questions, then this 3-session seminar is for you!  “Many may think this opportunity is only for older people,” says interim pastor, Dianne Deming, “but reflecting upon the issues presented in this course, and the comprehensive notebook produced through the workshop will be an invaluable gift to you and your loved ones, saving you time and frustration, no matter what your age.”  Whether trying to remember the login info for an online account, trying to lay hands on the title to a car you want to sell or serving as executor for a loved one’s estate, you will benefit from this course.  For more info or to pre-register, log onto the church website, fpcmilford.org/events, or call 302-381-6620.

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