Ladybug Festival Spotlight:  REGOTHERESHEGO

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REGOTHERESHEGO will be one of the headliners at the Ladybug Music Festival in Milford

Performing at the Ladybug Music Festival for the first time, REGOTHRESHEGO will bring her electric style and flashing moods to the Arena’s stage on Saturday, July 30 at 4:30 PM. REGO explained that although she has a very laid back personality off stage, she uses her performances as an outlet to get feelings out.

“I currently live in Philadelphia and am the daughter of two immigrants, one from Vietnam and one from Guatemala,” REGO said. “I went to Temple University and graduated in 2018, originally attending for political science. I realized that music had been changing faster than politics. I took this poetry class for fun in my senior year and one of the assignments was to write and perform a song. I did that and my professor grabbed me on the shoulders and was like, my real name is Rebecca, and she said “Rebecca, you need to make music. Like keep this going.” So here I am.”

Currently, REGO calls her music career her Clark Kent life because she works full time in the non-profit world. However, she makes music every day and has been performing for the past four years in Philadelphia and New York. She applied last year to perform at the Ladybug Festival but was not accepted. Being a female artist brings challenges, REGO explained.

“A lot of the challenges I face as a female artist have to do with the fact that music is really a collaborative art and most artist in music or film are men,” REGO said. “So, working and collaborating with men, I find that my voice needs to be at 150 percent, I have to be 150 percent sure and confident of my opinions and the direction that I want to take my art. If I am not, there will always be pushback by the many men in the room. They think they know better or what is a sexier image and what not. I have to push through and say “no, actually, I am right. This is actually my work. Even though you’re the engineer, at the end of the day, I am the final word.” This also leads me to feel like I have been taken advantage of, so I just make sure I repeat myself over and over and not change what my first opinion was.”

The most rewarding part of her musical career is connecting with fans, REGO explained. She loves hearing fans scream her name and especially enjoys when someone comes up to her and tells her that they helped them through trials or tribulations in her life.

“I’ve had many people walk up to me or message me and tell me that my music helped them during a time of their life when they were considering suicide or during a time of their life when a parent or a loved one passed away,” REGO said. “Those were some of the most rewarding and touching moments ever. This is a real human who has lived an experience that I impacted. That is what I love about what I do.”

REGO also loves performing, feeling as if the stage is where she has the most energy.

“I have a song called “Beg for It” and the recording is really laid back, sexy and chill,” REGO said. “But when I get on stage, I kind of say it is a screamo version of the song. I don’t really like to call it screamo, but I do sing it louder than the recording. I never knew I would perform it that way because the recording was so different, but it is just an example of me having to let it all out.”

Learn more about REGOTHERESHEGOES by visiting her website at Listen to “Beg for It” or watch the video on YouTube (, Spotify: ( or Itunes (

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