Milford 11 plaque to be preserved during MMS renovations

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Members of the Milford 11 receiving honorary diplomas at Milford High School’s graduation in May 2012

Inside the lobby of the former Milford Middle School is a plaque dedicated to the Milford 11, the first African American students to attempt integration of Milford High School in 1954. With the interior of the building scheduled for a complete overhaul, some have asked the school district what will happen with the plaque.

“We have reached out to members of the Milford 11 and have also been in contact with the Delaware Public Archives,” Dr. Kevin Dickerson, Superintendent, said. “Dr. [Sara] Croce and Mr. [Mike] Sharp have been working on that this year. They have a crew coming to remove the historical Milford 11 marker due to, obviously, the renovation and new construction there on that Milford Middle School site.”

Dickerson explained that the district always intended to protect the historic marker and had arranged for the archives to house the plaque in their warehouse. He stated that the archives had also suggested that the current plaque be cast as one of the blue and gold historic markers to be placed outside the school for those who are not entering the building to see. Dickerson stated that the district would work with the archives to establish an outside marker to acknowledge the Milford 11.

“There’s also another memorial stone outside by one of the trees for Julie, I think that is her name,” Board Member David Vezmar said. “Is there a plan for that marker as well?”

Dickerson stated that the district was working with Richard Y. Johnson, the project manager for the school renovation to identify things inside and out that needed to be preserved for historic purposes.

“These are things that need to be taken care of because there is a plaque inside for the Milford 11 and a couple of others in there as well,” Sharp said. “One of the teachers at the high school has been a point of contact for this and we’re going to work on getting those out and making sure we take of any that need replacing.”

Vezmar asked if there was a plan for where these plaques would be reinstalled in the new building. Sharp stated that they did not have a plan for that at this time as they were still in the planning stage for the new school but that they would incorporate them in the project in the future.

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