Delaware state budget tops $1.5 billion

MSD approves preliminary budget, sets special meeting to discuss tax rates

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Milford School District approved a preliminary budget for 2022-23

Milford School District Board of Education approved a preliminary budget for 2022-23 and set a special meeting on June 27 to discuss the upcoming tax rate. The $65.6 million budget was approved unanimously. Before voting on the budget, Dr. Kevin Dickerson, Superintendent, asked the board to approve an additional meeting in June.

“We’d like to be able to do this on June 27. And just looking for us to take action that we have an additional June meeting on June 27. And we would have it in the evening,” Dr. Dickerson said. “But we probably would do it a little bit earlier. Time to be determined to be honest with you. So we see what the availability of board members are but June 27, we will have another board meeting to set the tax rate.”

The request for the additional meeting was approved unanimously as well.

“The final business item this evening is the preliminary budget for fiscal year 2023. This budget reflects previous allocations we’ve received word about from the state as well as some known allocation and revenues based on our current tax rate projections, as well as our federal fund consolidated grant allocations as of right now,” Dr. Sara Croce, Chief Financial Officer for Milford School District said. “These will be adjusted as we go through the September 30 unit count and realize our enrollment growth and then those will be brought back to you.”

Croce explained that some revenues and expenditures were based on student enrollment and once the district completed the September student count process, some of the revenue and expenditures will be updated as well. She also expected some minor changes as they began the year for fiscal year 2023.

Looking at expenditures for 2022, Croce pointed out that transportation costs showed the greatest increase. Homeless transportation cost the district over $5,000 more than was budgeted last year while the local transportation match cost the district over $42,000 more than budgeted.

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