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Milford City Council drops Billings’ eminent domain case

Katie KazimirAbove the fold, Government, Headlines

The Milford City Council Wednesday night ended its attempt to take property from Annette Billings to use for a park and voted to end the eminent domain process. Councilwoman Katrina Wilson made the motion to abolish the city’s right to take private land for public use during a special session Wednesday evening.  The crowded City Hall chamber erupted into applause …


Milford moves to condemn widow’s property for bike path

Betsy PriceGovernment, Headlines

  This report has been updated. The Milford City Council has voted to condemn eight acres of a widow’s property and pay her $20,000 for it, so the city can access the adjoining acres that it paid her brother more than $500,000 for. Milford wants the property to install bike and pedestrian paths that would help connect the town to …