City Council approves Kent County Hazard Mitigation Plan

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Milford City Council approved updates to the Kent County Hazard Response Plan

On June 14, Milford City Council approved the March 2021 Update of the 2015 Kent County Hazard Mitigation Plan. The update was the culmination of recommendations by a consultant hired by the Emergency Management Division of Kent County.

“There was no cost to the city for this update,” Mike Svaby, Director of Public Works, said. “Our only responsibility was committing to a focus group. The purpose of the plan is to enable the county and its towns to respond to hazards as they occur in order to reduce potential risks to health, safety and welfare of residents. The adoption of this plan is necessary for a range of financial benefits in the event of a hazard. If we have some sort of disastrous event, being a member participant of this plan would entitle us to whatever FEMA or other financial supplements are available.”

The 2020 Plan Update consists of a thorough review of the 2015 Plan which was used as a base document and each chapter was updated as necessary. The update involves review of data on potential hazardous and reprioritization of those hazards in terms of frequency, severity and the impacts that could occur.  The update includes a review of the county profile, the capabilities of the county and its municipalities as well as mitigation actions available at the municipality level. Each area was revised, deleted or modified to address high priority hazards and a Plan Maintenance and Monitoring section was added.

Councilman Andy Fulton asked if this would provide assistance from other areas when one location suffers a hazardous event. Svaby explained that there is information regarding cross-utilization of personnel, but that each entity had their own federal assistance that may not directly impact other entities.

Mayor Archie Campbell questioned whether Sussex County also used such a plan and City Solicitor David Rutt had stated that there was a similar plan for Sussex County as well.

City Council approved adoption of the updates unanimously.

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