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City of Milford hires Balog as new Arborist

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Joseph Balog

The City of Milford recently hired Joseph Balog as the new Arborist/Urban Forestry Coordinator.  In this role, Balog is responsible for the overall implementation of a City-wide Urban Forestry Program including tree planting, maintenance, related landscaped areas, and enforcement of tree related policies.

“The Arborist/Urban Forestry Coordinator position is a welcome addition to the Department of Parks and Recreation, and a much-needed position within the City of Milford,” said Brad Dennehy, Director of Parks and Recreation.  “Joe brings a wealth of experience and expertise and will be a valuable member of our staff. We look forward to him helping make Milford a better place to live with continued beautification efforts.”

Balog joins the city with nearly 10 years of maintenance experience, including beautification and soil conservation, from the State of Delaware, where he most recently served as an Arborist for the last three years.  He received his aerial and pesticide certifications and formal chainsaw training while in this role.

“There are a million uses for a tree – shade, wildlife habitat, oxygen – and some in our City are historical,” Balog said, “so my goal is to preserve them.  I will always strive to prevent taking a tree out completely and prune from the top down.  I want to make Milford look good.”

Balog is the first Arborist on city staff in more than 15 years and his expertise will aid the city and its residents in many facets.  Continual tree maintenance will prevent power outages and address public safety hazards in a timely manner, while his knowledge will help prevent the spread of invasive species in the area and provide expert advice to Milford residents.

Residents can contact Balog through the MyMilford app or web portal by submitting a Dangerous Tree or Overhanging Trees/Shrubs request.


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