MHS welcomes new assistant principal

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Shervaun Hinton will join MHS as the new assistant principal

Shervaun Hinton will join the administrative staff of Milford High School as their new assistant principal. Hinton’s initial career was as a Rehabilitation Counselor before she moved into education.

“Education is actually my second career,” Hinton said. “Prior to education, I worked as a Rehabilitation Counselor. In doing so, I regularly visited schools providing vocational counseling to students with disabilities. This blossomed into a deepened passion for wanting to teach students with disabilities in the academic setting rather than only providing job counseling services.”

Born and raised in Sussex County, specifically Bridgeville, Hinton graduated from Sussex Tech in 1998 and earned both a Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation Services and a Master of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. She worked in counseling settings ranging from prisons to group homes to hospitals. She is the proud mother of two daughters who are currently Milford School District students and has been married to her husband, who has roots in Milford, for 15 years.

“Having worked in various capacities in education, such as special education teacher, special education coordinator and student support specialist, I found that there was still more I wanted to do to impact the lives of students while continuing to build upon my leadership skills,” Hinton said when asked why she decided to move into the administrative side of education. “I decided that becoming a school administrator is the natural next step to fulfill both interests.”

Hinton believes that the increased incidence of mental health concerns is a challenge that public schools must face. She feels that especially at the high school level, increased incidences of mental health concerns in the adolescent population are a challenge. She also sees staffing levels and increased turnover in the teaching profession as an issue facing schools today. Her one personal goal this year as a new principal is to build connections with students, staff and families of Milford High School and the Milford community.

“One of my greatest achievements prior to coming to Milford has been building and advising the Black Student Union Club for our African American students,” Hinton said. “In addition to advisement, I also lead the club in the planning of the various Black History Month activities that extended beyond the typical schoolwide activities such as the door decorating contest. African American authors book display, virtual guest speakers and open mic/talent show. Although I have other achievements, I mentioned this one because it had the greatest and most positive schoolwide impact.”

Hinton hopes to work with other members of what she calls the “already strong” administrative team at Milford High School to create a safe and supportive environment for all students. She believes that when students feel safe, they are more likely to perform better both academically and socially.

“I believe I will be most challenged in maintaining my focus on my goal of intentionally building connections,” Hinton said. “What I mean by this is with all of the day-to-day responsibilities assisting in leading a school, our focus tends to shift to whatever the need is for the moment. I have to be sure to remember that, no matter what, I will use every situation to build a connection of some form.”

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