Milford Mini Storage requests approved by council

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City Council approved several rezoning requests from Milford Mini Storage

At a recent meeting, several zoning and comprehensive plan requests were approved for Milford Mini Storage. One property was transferred to Milford Mini Storage as part of a legal settlement with Watergate Liborio and is located along the south edge of Industrial Boulevard and Watergate Boulevard North. The other is located at the intersection of Marshall and McCoy Street. Both requests were to rezone the properties as I-1, limited industrial.

“The Industrial Boulevard property, when that development was built, the roadway was deterred away from the face of the property,” Joe Wiley, owner of the property said. “All we’re asking to do is just to reestablish the frontage and to have the same zoning as the rest of the property.”

There were no comments for or against the Industrial Boulevard request during the public hearing portion of the request. Council approved the request unanimously.

The second request for the lands at McCoy and Marshall Streets was to allow for outdoor storage on a vacant parcel of land. Councilman Andy Fulton asked if this was what the land was used for previously. Rob Pierce, City Planner, explained that there were some materials located on the property, such as mulch and gravel. Wiley explained that he intended to use the parcel for RV storage. Councilman Fulton asked if there were security measures on the property.

“Currently there are no security measures in place, except that when right now everybody would come in through a normal gate,” Wiley said. “A normal gate has cameras that record the license plates of people coming in, takes a picture. We’re going to close off access and only access the property from Industrial Boulevard. So, we will set up a new camera system again to control access there.” Councilman Fulton commented that he had an RV stored in Virginia Beach that was broken into and there were no security cameras which was a “painful process.”

Wiley explained that the gate would be controlled by a code as there would be a limited number of people who would need access to their RV. Councilman Dan Marabello asked if there were any intentions of adding carports or indoor storage for RVs.

“At this time, no,” Wiley said. “We are going to an inside self-storage show in Las Vegas next month and will be taking classes and seminars on what’s happening in RV and car storage along with other cutting edge technologies for that type of business, so we may in the future, but at this time, we have no plans to.”

Councilman Brian Baer asked if there would be a fence added that would block the view from the street. Wiley explained that there was currently a six-foot cyclone fence but they did not intend to add a different fence.

“Believe it or not, RV storage is in short supply in Sussex County, Councilman Todd Culotta said. “This is a good thing to have this option, especially for folks that live in HOAs and whatnot that are not allowed to store their RV in their backyard.”

Councilwoman Katrina Wilson agreed, stating that there was a need to store large vehicles in the city.

The requests for rezoning and changes to the comprehensive plan were approved unanimously.

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