MSD hopes to expand summer programming for 2021

Terry RogersMilford Headline Story, Schools

msdAt the regular meeting of the Milford School District Board of Education, Dr. Bridget Amory, Director of Student Learning, advised board members that there were plans to expand summer services in the district for 2021. Although some of the programs are offered every summer, Dr. Amory stated that the district was looking for ways to keep children active and engaged in education over the summer months.

“We will continue our 12-month programming for Kindergarten through 12th grade for students with disability classifications who choose to participate in the 12-month program,” Dr. Amory said. “We will also continue our credit recovery program for high school students to help those who unsuccessfully completed credits during the regular academic year.”

Dr. Amory also stated that the district would continue the Voyagers Grade Level Plus ESY opportunities for students who need recovery language opportunities. In addition, the district will offer a remote option for this program for those who will still not be comfortable entering a classroom setting. The K Beginner’s Buccaneer Program will support incoming Kindergarten students who are identified as needing additional assistance during the Kindergarten screening process.

“One new addition for this summer may be Voyager Camps that will focus on COVID learning recovery that will be available for all students,” Dr. Amory said. “We are asking teachers to bring ideas to us. For example, if a teacher wants to do a weeklong coding camp, we could make that happen. Because the camp will also focus on recovering learning lost during the pandemic, we would also include math and other standards, but those standards would be tied to a theme that would make the learning fun. It would provide an opportunity to all of our kids so they can be involved in learning all summer.”

The district is also considering the addition of the Helping Others with Language Acquisition (HOLA) Immersion Camp for grades one through five. Students in language programs at the high school level would work with younger students to support language learning. This program would be for students currently enrolled in the immersion program.

“These programs will provide an opportunity to utilize our Opportunity Funds and Title I Funds in ways we have not done previously,” Dr. Amory said. “We are hoping to offer robust learning over the summer this year.”

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