Photographer expands to new studio

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Deanna Michele has opened a new studio in the former Keir Building

Deanna Michele calls herself the “small town girl who dreams big.” She began her artistic career attending culinary school but soon discovered a love for photography that took her in a new direction. Recently, she moved her studio into a new, larger space on the second floor of the former Keir Building which has been fully renovated by Zack and Marissa King.

“I really got into photography after my daughter was born and have been doing it full time since then,” Deanna said. “I opened a studio a few buildings over, but I had outgrown it. Marissa brought up the opportunity to move here and I jumped on it. I have been friends with Zack and Marissa for a while and they were going to let me make this my own.”

According to Deanna, the other space has several other artists, not all photographers where they shared a bathroom, plus the space was much smaller than what she is working with in the new location. The new studio is bright and airy with large windows facing Walnut Street. A small bassinet sits under one window and a bed takes up the center wall of the studio.

“I currently have about 200 clients a year, so I was at the point I needed a bigger space,” Deanna said. “My specialty is newborn, maternity, families welcoming new babies and weddings. But I also do boudoir shoots which are my main focus.”

Deanna Michele’s new studio interior is bright and airy

Deanna and her husband, Jonathan, married in March 2021, welcoming a son on Christmas morning of that year. She says their daughter is “strong willed and loves horseback riding.” Deanna loves to travel with Italy and Ireland both on her bucket list. Calling her boudoir shoots “Wild Scarlett’s Boudoir,” Deanna believes these types of photo shoots help women reclaim their inner beauty, allowing them to shine.

“I’m pretty sure I’ve developed an addiction to working with Deana because she makes me feel so incredibly amazing every time,” T.P. commented in a testimonial on Deanna’s website. “I was so worried before I did my first shoot a little more than a year ago because I didn’t know how I’d look on camera or how to pose. Deanna is so amazing helping you with posing and giving you direction. She makes you feel so comfortable, and you walk out feeling like a complete and total boss. It’s difficult not to get hooked on that empowering feeling, no matter what I’m going through. Personally, Deanna always brightens my day.”

Appointments can be made by visiting The new studio is located at 27 South Walnut Street, with access to the studio on Southeast Front Street across from the First Presbyterian Church. A sign for the studio is located above the door.

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