Massotti sworn in as school board member

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On Monday, July 1, at their annual reorganization meeting, Jennifer Massotti was sworn in to a two-year term on the Milford School District Board of Education. Massotti has served on the board since May 2023 when she ran unopposed for a one-year special election after Kris Thompson stepped down from the board after moving out of the district. Massotti was …

Milford School District's policy on controversial/sensitive issues has not changed for decades, and a proposed change has faced a lot of opposition.

Milford delays vote on controversial/sensitive issues policy

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A controversial Milford School Board policy change about the learning environment will be kicked down the road for a July vote after it was opposed by students, community members and even the ACLU. Board Policy 6103, which proposes new standards with controversial and sensitive Issues, was tabled by the district’s board of education Monday night. That means it wasn’t voted …

Milford Middle School (MMS) will open for the 2025-2026 school year.

New Milford school gets its name: Milford Middle School

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After a few months of consideration with plenty of public input, the Milford School District Board of Education finalized a name Monday night for its new middle school.  The new Milford middle school, a key component of Milford School District’s strategic plan to accommodate rapid enrollment growth, will be called “Milford Middle School.” Opening in fall 2025, the building had …

Several Milford board members were vocally opposed to self-directed student learning days.

Student-directed learning days get thumbs down in Milford

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A proposed way to teach through “self-directed student learning time” was met with criticism from several members of the Milford School District. Four of those learning days were proposed in the 2024-2025 academic year calendar presented to the district’s school board during its monthly meeting Monday night. “I’m not an educator but I am a parent,” said Board President Scott …

Rendering of the entryway to the new Milford middle school.

New Milford middle school has 4 finalists for name change

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The new Milford middle school, a key component of Milford School District’s strategic plan to accommodate rapid enrollment growth, will soon be getting a formal name. The school, under construction at 612 Lakeview Avenue in Milford, is expected to open in fall 2024. It is part of the five-year Milford School District Strategic Plan, adopted in 2023. The district is …

Milford's literacy plan is focused on four main goals.

Milford school leaders encouraged by district literacy plan

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Officials in the Milford School District answered questions and gave updates Monday night about the progress of the district’s literacy plan. Kelly Carvajal Hageman, Milford’s chief academic officer, pointed out in the district’s monthly board meeting that Gov. John Carney and Education Secretary Mark Holodick have urged the state in the past two years to focus on literacy. A 2022 …

Milford shared its disciplinary data for the 2023-2024 school year thus far.

School discipline data shared during Milford board meeting

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School discipline – a hot topic that has brought parents out to school district meetings to share their child’s experiences – came up again Monday night in Milford. This time, the conversation focused on discipline data from this school year that was reviewed during the monthly board meeting. As expected, there have been much more incidents at the secondary level …

Milford School Board Milford student recording

Move to ban Milford student phone recordings deemed redundant

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A proposed policy to prohibit Milford School District students from taking audio and video recordings in school buildings turned out to be redundant and was tabled at the school board meeting Monday night. Tabling the policy means the board took no action and it won’t be revisited unless a board member asks for it to be. The idea of addressing …

Milford board scraps restorative practices from code

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In opposition to the wishes of some residents, the Milford School District’s board voted Monday night to strike restorative practices from its student code of conduct.  Restorative practice is a method that aims to build and strengthen community relationships.  Instead of focusing on solely disciplining a child for their behavior, restorative practices aim to improve their behavior and evaluate the …

Milford's school taxes are going down .6% for next year.

Milford votes to decrease taxes for next year

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Residents of the Milford School District are officially getting a tax decrease for the seventh straight year. After the district’s chief financial officer Sara Hale presented the tax proposal for the 2023-24 school year at the school board’s June meeting (to much applause and gratitude from members), the board voted unanimously Monday night to approve next year’s tax rate.  “Since …