Trick or Treat night scheduled for Milford

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The City of Milford has approved Monday, October 31 as Trick or Treat Night (Photo courtesy of Nick Fewings, Unsplash Media)

On Monday, September 12, Milford City Council voted unanimously to approve a resolution to designate Monday, October 31 as Trick or Treat Night in Milford. Children may trick or treat from 6 PM until 8 PM throughout the city.

Trick or Treat is designed to be a fun festivity associated with Halloween, with children going door-to-door in costume to gather treats. The resolution requires parents to accompany their child as they participate in the event. In addition, the resolution asks that anyone who wants to participate in handing out candy leave a porch or other exterior light on so that children can differentiate between what house is participating and those that are not.

Children are required to be in costume when they trick or treat and celebrants are asked to refrain from vandalism or destruction. Motorists should be extra cautious during the evening of October 31 as children may be making their rounds. Parents are encouraged to add reflective materials to any dark costumes to make children easier to see after dark.

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